Our award-winning book by Prof. Bryan Roberts, adapted to the Latin American context.


Webinar/Book Launch:

Connecting Systems of Secondary Cities, in Spanish.


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After successful launches in English and Chinese, our award-winning book, Connecting Systems of Secondary Cities, has been translated into Spanish and adapted with case studies to the Latin American context. 

The book will be launched on Monday, December 7th, in a webinar hosted by Cities Alliance titled: 'Connecting Systems of Secondary Cities: How Soft and Hard Infrastructure Can Foster Equitable Economic Growth among Secondary Cities in the LAC Region'. 

In this event, scholars and urban practitioners will share and reflect on the opportunities and challenges for the equitable development of systems of secondary cities within the Latin American context.


The model of secondary cities competing independently to secure central government grants, investment and jobs, is no longer sustainable. Secondary cities must become more collaborative, connected, and willing to operate as networks of trading cities if they are to secure a more equitable share of national economic growth and overcome the growing problem of inequity in regional and local economic development.


Brian Roberts, Author, Connecting Systems of Secondary Cities, & Director, Urban Frontiers Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia Emeritus Professor University of Canberra


Join us in conversation with Brian Roberts, Tatiana Gallego Lizon, Jose Tomas Videla, and Anaclaudia Rossbach, about the issues, challenges, and best ongoing practices for connecting systems of secondary cities, especially within the Latin American context.

Brian Roberts will open the debate with a statement on the opportunities and challenges of connecting systems of secondary cities in the LAC region. Tatiana Gallego will discuss how IDB seeks to foster sustainable growth in emerging cities in the LAC region, lessons, challenges, and opportunities. Jose Videla will discuss development challenges of connecting systems of secondary cities in relation to governance, physical planning, inequality, demographics, and climate change.



Moderated by Anaclaudia Rossbach, Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Cities Alliance. 

  1. Brian Roberts, Emeritus Professor at the University of Canberra and Director at Urban Frontiers.
  2. Tatiana Gallego Lizon, Division Chief, Housing and Urban Development at IDB. 
  3. Jose Tomas Videla, Architect and Urban Planner, Project Coordinator at the University of Valparaíso, and Director of RAIZ. 

Followed by audience Q&A. 


Key questions this webinar will explore:

  1. What are the major constraints faced by secondary cities, specifically in the LAC region? How can they overcome them? 
  2. What is the role of hard and soft infrastructure in the equitable growth of secondary cities in the LAC region?  
  3. What are some of the best practices of collaboration among secondary cities in the LAC region? 
  4. What role can national and regional governments as well as international institutions and networks play to support the connection of systems of secondary cities? 


This webinar is tailored towards urban and inclusive growth policymakers in Latin American economies and is open to the public. 


The webinar will be in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation in English. 



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