A discussion about the possible pathways for equitable distribution of benefits from economic growth reflected into public services.

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Equitable access to public goods and services is a form of benefit distribution and contributes to Equitable Economic Growth (EEG) by favouring increased employment opportunities and integration of the informal sector. As a possible means to support this process, research indicates that participatory dynamics of knowledge co-production (among science, policy and practice) can contribute to EEG by reducing the power and knowledge imbalance among participants.

The webinar will aim to explore possible pathways for equitable distribution of benefits from economic growth reflected into public services. The first part of the webinar will focus into the dilemma between equality and growth. The second part of the webinar will examine the dynamics behind knowledge co-production. As closing arguments, the webinar discusses the way in which knowledge co-production processes sustain the ambitious objective of equitable distribution of benefits through public services.

The initiative is supported by Cities Alliance’s Joint Work Program (JWP) on Equitable Economic Growth through the project Equity, Services and Economic Development in Cities of the Global South.

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Webinar Series:

This webinar is one of a five-part series to evaluate, contextualize and operationalize existing research by Cities Alliance on equitable economic growth in cities of the Global South. Three research networks, working in Europe (N-AERUS), Africa (AURI) and LAC (REDEUS_LAC), collaborate to identify common problems cities face in pursuing social equity and economic growth, to share tested strategies for integrating policy making and research, and to disseminate these strategies to broader urban contexts. By targeting a global audience, we can share experience both within and beyond the regional focus of each webinar. 

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