With 'Feminist Urban Futures' on 4 March at 15:00 CET, urban scholars and practitioners converge to share their gender transformative interventions into urban spaces and communities to tackle discrimination and sexist practices.

Ahead of International Women's Day, this webinar is part of a series organised in March by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development of Erasmus University Rotterdam to share, celebrate, and learn from the many feminist urban interventions of IHS' partners, alumni, activists and practitioners.

This event aims to ignite discussions, exchange ideas, and inspire collective action towards building the gender-equitable city of the future, starting today. 


What are feminist urban interventions? What works, how and why? What do we need to make the feminist city of tomorrow?


In the pursuit of equitable and inclusive urban futures, it is imperative to amplify feminist perspectives and practices. This webinar serves as a platform for urban professionals, scholars, activists, planners, and community members to explore innovative strategies and foster feminist solidarity in reimagining our cities.


  • Giulia Maci, Gender Specialist, Manager Euro-Mediterranean Region, Cities Alliance 
  • Sara Ortiz Escalante, Founding member Col·lectiu Punt 6
  • Vanessa Peter, Founder Information and Resource Centre for Deprived Urban Communities
  • Ewelina Jaskulska, Co-founder, Architektoniczki Foundation
  • Honorata Grzesikowska, Co-founder Architektoniczki Foundation and
  • Dr Pamela Duran Diaz, Senior Planning Specialist and Lecturer, IHS
  • Dr Bahar Sakizlioglu, Urban Sociologist, IHS
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