Cities Alliance, in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Environment, is hosting a high-level workshop titled "Towards Inclusive and Resilient Neighbourhoods in Tunisia: Realities and Perspectives." 

This event brings together the Tunisian Ministries of Environment, Interior, Energy, and Urbanism, international actors such as AICS, the European Union, and AFD, and representatives from cities implementing inclusive energy projects.

Tunisia is already experiencing severe impacts of climate change, manifested through more intense and frequent droughts and heat waves, unpredictable rainfall patterns, rising sea levels, water scarcity, and land degradation. 

These environmental challenges are accelerating both internal and external migration to urban centres, which intensifies urban challenges, particularly in informal neighbourhoods where the provision of urban services and housing is already strained.

The workshop aims to develop and explore innovative approaches to improve access to a diverse range of environmental services in informal settlements and to promote a transition to more sustainable urban practices.

With the urgent need for action, the focus will be on practical and achievable solutions, such as access to water and energy, waste management, and the creation of green spaces, which can be integrated into urban planning without requiring major investments or long planning periods.

This event aims to inspire collective action and innovative local initiatives to build more sustainable and resilient cities in Tunisia.

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