Cities Alliance brings together local and international development actors for a two-day event in Sousse, to advance inclusive and sustainable territorial attractiveness in Tunisia.

Territorial attractiveness reflects the capacity of a territory to retain or attract companies, investments and labour and is closely linked to its ability to offer a satisfactory quality of life for its inhabitants, to encourage local economic dynamics and create employment and social integration opportunities.

In Tunisia, the question of territorial attractiveness as a lever for local development is high on the agenda with the implementation of the decentralization process. The reform related to the transfer of competencies to local actors means that communes are faced with the imperatives of territorial and economic development, in a context of limited human and financial resources.

Local actors are therefore obliged to think about new methods of governance and management of their territories, promoting their attractiveness and enabling them to increase their own resources, particularly in rural areas or those where socio-economic and environmental issues are more pressing.

This forum organized by Cities Alliance will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including government representatives at national and local levels, private sector, academia and civil society. The participants will reflect on effective tools and pathways to promote and implement inclusive and sustainable territorial attractiveness across the country and boost partnerships and synergies among the different actors involved in the process.

This event will be live-streamed.

Download the full programme here (in French).

Cities Alliance Tunisia, Territorial Attractiveness Forum, March 2022
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Sousse, Tunisia