Cities Alliance will host the roundtable A Walkable City is Better for Women,  as part of the Inter-regional Forum on Active Mobilities, organized by Alda in Mahdia, Tunisia on 24 and 25 May 2023.

This event aims to identify obstacles faced by women and explore ways to create more inclusive and walkable urban environments in the MENA region.

Walking is not only one of the greenest and healthiest modes of transport, but it also promotes inclusivity and reduces the negative environmental impact of motorised vehicles. Finding solutions to transform our cities from car-oriented into more people-oriented spaces has been a major concern for urban planners and policymakers. 


In many large cities, up to 70 per cent of public space is dedicated to cars, creating an imbalance in access and opportunities.


This creates an imbalance in the access to the city and its opportunities since statistics show that women use more public transport and walk more than men, who drive more. By rebalancing these proportions, the sharing and use of public space becomes more egalitarian.

Women and girls experience and fear different forms of harassment on streets and public transportation, with negative impacts on their freedom of movement in the city. Imagining and realising urban pedestrian environments requires an integrated approach, combined with effective public consultation with women and girls, to place their needs and priorities at the centre.

The Inter-Regional Forum on Active Mobilities brings together experts from across Tunisia and neighbouring countries to exchange best practices and knowledge about promoting active and sustainable urban mobility in Tunisian cities. The event will feature roundtables, multi-stakeholder and practical workshops, guided visits, and artistic activities.


Moderator: Ikbel Dridi, Senior Project Manager, Cities Alliance

To participate send an email to expressing your interest.

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