Housing Laboratory (LAV)

Housing Laboratory / Laboratorio de Vivienda (LAV)

Migration in Guatemala: urban planning, housing and local development


Event on 29 October 2020 - 5 pm CET

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The purpose of this LAV is to explore the role of urban planning in contexts of international and returning migration vis a vis the review process of the National Housing Policy in Guatemala. Specifically, it seeks to generate action and proposals in terms of the following elements:

1) The need to address the overall housing deficit and migrants housing needs, through a more balanced model of supply and demand for housing.

2) The economic potential of remittances and locally generated employment and economic activities to generate savings for housing.

3) Creation of spaces in cities with multiple dimensions, enablers of livelihood and equitable urban development as tools to boost the local economy.

The Laboratory will gather key stakeholders in Guatemala on migration, urban and housing sectors and will count with representatives and focus on three territories: the city of Amatitlan, the metropolitan region of Mancuerna and the municipality of Salcaja.

This is the second of a series of two LAVs exploring the relationship among migration dynamics, the role of cities in promoting the integration of migrant population, the economic potential of remittances, as well as housing and urban development.


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