The online event "Espaces publics inclusifs : Promouvoir la participation des femmes dans le développement des centres historiques" brings together representatives of various Tunisian municipalities, local practitioners and international actors to discuss initiatives and priorities for the design of gender-sensitive medinas and public space.

Medinas are the heart of the cultural heritage of many Tunisian cities. While the architecture and spatial layout of Medinas are a journey into the past, Medinas are also places of today's cultural and democratic expression and of many economic opportunities. They are a key element of contemporary urban development.

Yet, promoting economic and social opportunities of the Medinas' residents, while at the same time preserving the cultural traditions that shape and permeate historic city centers, is a genuine challenge for local authorities in Tunisia. Therefore it is key to involve citizens in the design and rehabilitation of historic centers, especially those who usually are not part of urban planning processes and face many inequalities in the public space, such as the Medina's women. this way the specific needs of women, girls and other marginalized groups are more likely to be taken into account. 

Tunisian Women

In this online meeting, different local actors will share their challenges, ideas, and tools for creating more inclusive and vibrant historic centers. The session will stimulate innovation across municipalities and foster mutual learning for designing and governing gender-sensitive cities. 

Speakers and participants: 

  • Giulia Maci, Cities Alliance
  • Wided Dahiki, President Women's Council, Municipality of Tunis
  • Mohamed Alaya, Mayor of M'saken
  • Faiza Boubaker, Director Association des femmes pour le développement durable, Municipality of Mahdia
  • Sadika Ghouma, Architect at the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina de Tunis 
  • Dalenda Larguèche, Former professor of History and Gender Studies at the University of Manouba 

Participation upon invitation. The online event starts at 13:00 Tunis time (CET)/14:00hrs (CEST) via zoom. The event will take place in French. If you would like to participate, please send an email to

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