Cities Alliance's Director Greg Munro will speak at the Harvard Kennedy & Business School's 23rd Social Enterprise Conference (SECON).

The Social Enterprise Conference organized by graduate students at Harvard is one of the world’s leading forums for dialogue, debate, and networking around social enterprise and social impact, recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 12 Executive Gatherings in the World. The two-day event will bring together almost 1,000 industry practitioners, academics, students, and young professionals eager to push the boundaries of social change.

Cities Alliance will be represented by Director Greg Muro on the panel Poverty Alleviation in Developing Markets across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. His intervention will focus on secondary cities, inequalities and urban migration.

The panellists will address questions such as which solutions are working and which are not? When should organizations work through existing systems and how can they manage institutional gaps or the absence of markets? and what needs to happen in the next decade to put us on a fundamentally better trajectory towards more equitable systems? 


  • Adrian Merryman, Chief Development and Impact Investment Officer at VisionFund
  • Donella Rapier, President and CEO of BRAC USA
  • Saskia Bruysten, Co-Founder and CEO of Yunus Social Business
  • Greg Munro, Director of Cities Alliance
SECON 2022 Panel on poverty alleviation in developing markets
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Cambridge, USA