How to enable effective governance and land management in the COVID-19 context?

El Salvador

Law of Territorial Planning and Development


Housing Laboratory - Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 4 pm CET (8 am El Salvador time)


This event seeks to share and debate the conditions, limitations, and opportunities to implement the Law of Territorial Planning and Development (  Ley de Ordenamiento y Desarrollo Territorial - LODT)  in El Salvador, in the context of the COVID pandemic.

Participants will discuss how national and local governments can identify actions to enable the development of effective governance and management of the territory, which guarantees the necessary land reserves for the promotion of strategic programs and projects proposed from the national, micro-regional, and/or municipal level.

The LAV is convened by the National Urban Development Council of El Salvador, with support from Cities Alliance, UHPH, and RIHVA among other partners.

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