Brochure: Promoting Equitable Economic Growth in Cities



Discussion Papers


Cities Alliance Discussion Paper #2: Conceptualising Economic Growth in Cities


CIVIS: Making Economic Growth in Cities More Equitable





Pricing Municipal Services in the Global South


Equitable Economic Growth in African Cities Final Report


Gender Responsive Access to Public Services: Pathways to Equitable Economic Growth in Cities


Policy Dialogue 2016: Exploring the Role of Improved Access to Public Goods and Services


Policy Dialogue March 2017: Fostering Equitable Economic Growth in the 2030 Global Agenda for Cities


Policy Dialogue October 2017: Public Goods and Services for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Cities


Policy Dialogue February 2018: Public Space as a Driver of Equitable Economic Growth: Policy and Practice to Leverage a Key

Asset for Vibrant City Economies


Summary Recommendations: Public Goods and Services for Women's Economic Empowerment in Cities



Local Assessment Reports


Local Assessment Report: Local Economic Development for Equitable Growth in Gulu and Mbale Municipalities


Local Assessment Report on Public Space and Land Management in Gulu and Mbale Municipalities






A Toolkit to Assess and Promote Equitable Economic Growth in Cities

Guide D’évaluation Pour La Promotion D’une Croissance Économique Équitable Dans Les Villes


Equitable Economic Growth in Your Town or City: A diagnostic toolkit

Comment promouvoir la croissance économique équitable dans votre ville

More Equitable Economic Growth toolkit outputs in French




Public Space and Informal Livelihoods Toolkits


Inclusive Public Spaces for Informal Livelihoods: A Discussion Paper for Urban Planners and Policy Makers


Supporting Informal Livelihoods in Public Space: A Toolkit for Local Authorities


Working in Public Space: A Manual for Street Vendors





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