Job Posting: Short Term Consultant for Review and Classification of Project Outputs

The Cities Alliance Secretariat in Washington, D.C. has a vacancy for a Short Term Consultant for a three-month period beginning in June 2010 to review and classify project outputs.

To apply, please submit an Expressions of Interest online through the World Bank Operational Consulting Bidding Opportunities page ( together with a CV and a cover letter before 21 May 2010.



Assignment Title: 1001200 - Review and Classification of Project Outputs - Cities Alliance
Duty Station: Washington, D.C.
Appointment Type: Short Term Consultant
Duration: 12 weeks (estimated)
Deadline for applying: 21 May 2010

I. Background
The Cities Alliance (CA) ( is a global partnership committed to scaling up successful approaches to urban poverty reduction. The CA Secretariat is a team of professional and administrative staff responsible for carrying out the Alliance's mandate and managing its day-to-day operations. The Secretariat is housed at the World Bank's headquarters, from where it serves the full membership of the Cities Alliance Consultative Group.

The Secretariat manages a grant facility which provides technical assistance funding to cities and their development partners for city development strategies and scaling up slum upgrading. An important part of the CA Secretariats mandate is to extract the lessons, experiences and tools resulting from those grants and integrate this information in the Alliance knowledge dissemination and reporting channels.

II. Objectives
The overall goal of the consultancy is to contribute in strengthening the knowledge and learning function of the CA Secretariat towards its development partners. The objective is to identify, select and classify the different project outputs produced in CA funded projects over the past ten years, so they are searchable and accessible on the CA website.

III. Scope of Work
In achieving the above objectives, the consultant will engage in the following tasks: (i) Identify and record, where needed, all project outputs (reports, data sheets, plans, studies, etc.) produced by CA funded projects; (ii) Analyse the identified project outputs, assess their quality and relevance for the knowledge management function of the CA Secretariat and select those project outputs which are relevant for dissemination. (iii) Categorise the selected project outputs according to an agreed classification system to be further developed. (iv) Format and upload the selected projects outputs in the CA Project Database and other recordkeeping systems.

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