Slum Upgrading

Slum upgrading is not simply about water or drainage or housing. It is about putting into motion the economic, social, institutional and community activities that are needed to turn around downward trends in an area.

These activities should be undertaken cooperatively among all parties involved—residents, community groups, businesses as well as local and national authorities if applicable.

One of the key elements of slum upgrading is legalising or regularising properties and bringing secure land tenure to residents. Ultimately, upgrading efforts aim to create a dynamic in the community where there is a sense of ownership, entitlement and inward investment in the area.

The Cities Alliance supports citywide and nationwide slum upgrading in accordance with the Alliance’s Cities Without Slums action plan (MDG Target 11).

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Examples of Slum Upgrading Projects
Upgrading for Growth initiative that integrates energy, economic development and housing needs
  Technical cooperation on a citywide slum upgrading programme in Brazil's largest city.