A gender audit in three informal settlements of Greater Monrovia, carried out by the Federation of Liberian Urban Poor Savers (FOLUPS), commissioned by Cities Alliance.

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At the invitation of Greater Monrovia Local Government Authorities (LGAs), Cities Alliance supported the development of a Greater Monrovia City Development Strategy (CDS) as a coherent strategy to articulate an overarching vision of urban development.

To strengthen women’s voices and promote their participation in the city, Cities Alliance undertook a survey and organised the workshop "Women Transforming Monrovia". Women were engaged to formulate inputs for the CDS.

Through the process, water access and safety were identified as priority intervention areas. As a result, Cities Alliance is supporting the construction of water kiosks in three informal settlements in Greater Monrovia, to ensure access to safe and reliable water supplies.

Prior to the construction, Cities Alliance commissioned a gender audit in the three communities, carried out by the Federation of Liberian Urban Poor Savers (FOLUPS). This report presents the key findings of the audit and highlights the required conditions to empower women and girls living in informal settlements.

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