The World Disasters Report 2010: Focus on Urban Risk offers sound advice on how the urban risk divide between the developing world and the developed world can be reduced. It also highlights how, in a globalised world, a deficiency on one side of the world can create problems for us all. 

The report  features: 

  -   Urban disaster trends and early action

  -   Avoiding the urbanisation of disaster risk

  -   Starting over: community rights and post-disaster response

  -   Urban violence

  -   Urban risk to health

  -   Urbanisation and climate change risk

  -   Urban governance and disaster risk reduction


Published annually since 1993 by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the World Disasters Report brings together the latest trends, facts and analysis of contemporary crises – whether 'natural' or man-made, quick-onset or chronic.


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