Cities are the perfect forum for reflecting on central questions such as equality, justice, and the common good.  If channels are appropriately fostered, cities offer a real opportunity to renew democratic conversations in a way that national platforms simply cannot.

However, there is no blueprint of a city shaped by women as our cities have always been designed and managed by men. City planning for women, therefore, encompasses everything from street lighting, mobility, and security to the gender balance of statues in public spaces and gender parity in the election of city representatives.

There is an unprecedented global momentum to empower women and address gender inequalities. Cities must join this global movement and ensure that all urban policies - including those related to public spaces, public transportation, civic participation, and education – integrate gender perspectives. 

The panelists discuss how a city for women could be and showcase ways in which cities can prioritise and mainstream gender-sensitive policymaking. Case studies from Cities Alliance’s latest brochure on Gender Mainstreaming in Cities guide the discussion.


Moderator: Giulia Maci, Cities Alliance, Gender Focal Point 


Carolina Mateo Cecilia, Policy Officer Unit C5 - Cities, Local Authorities, Digitalisation, Infrastructures Cities, European Commission DG DEVCO

Beatriz Alvarez, Policy Officer Unit B1 -  Governance, Democracy, Human Rights and Gender – European Commission DG DEVCO

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