Since the establishment of the Cities Alliance Liberia Country Programme in 2015, Cities Alliance has worked in Liberia with a strong emphasis on establishing partnerships at all levels to ensure the successful implementation of development goals. As reflected in SDG goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals “the SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation.”


When the COVID-19 crisis became apparent in Liberia, Cities Alliance leveraged its relationships to support the country’s immediate emergency response. Key elements of this response included the rapid sharing of trusted information on national radio, awareness raising among communities in informal settlements, establishing over 225 emergency water points, and supplying personal protective equipment and cleaning products to workers in the waste management sector. Strong partnerships ensured that this response was appropriate, targeted, and met the needs of the communities. 


As work now shifts from response to recovery, Cities Alliance is continuing to engage all urban actors to support the post-pandemic phase. This is being done by continuing to support improvements in water and sanitation infrastructure, promoting inclusive urban policies and building climate resilience, while supporting those living and working in informality. 


In this video, Fred Abankwa, Project Manager, Infrastructure, Cities Alliance Liberia, highlights the crucial role of strong partnerships to overcome the pandemic.