Urban India 2011: Evidence

Urban India 2011: Evidence

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The report Urban India 2011: Evidence provides a comprehensive overview of the state of India’s urban areas and settlements and the underlying trends. It features analyses of the following areas: urban dynamics, economic geography, migration, urban poverty and livelihoods, social safety nets, urban infrastructure & services, and urban finance. (The data used in the report was derived from national surveys, the Census of India remote sensing data on urban spatial dynamics, published and grey literature.) 

Urban India 2011: Evidence was created as a briefing document for panelists participating at the India Urban Conference policy dialogue in Delhi 22 November 2011. 


About the India Urban Conference 

The India Urban Conference (IUC) is a series of events designed to raise the salience of urban challenges and opportunities in the ongoing debate on India’s development. It creates a wide multi-stakeholder and cross-regional platform that situates India’s urban transformation in the context of current governance, economic, socio-political, ecological and cultural trajectories and consequent choices of development pathways. The IUC seeks to create a platform for research and dialogue among practitioners, academics, and citizens to identify priorities for policy, research, and action by all stakeholders in India’s urban transition. 

IUC events in 2011 included an academic conference in New Haven, Connecticut, USA; an ideas forum and discussion of emerging evidence and research in Mysore; a policy conference in Delhi; and a national student challenge seeking innovative proposals for urban solutions.

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