Proposal Database

The Cities Alliance provides grants in support of city development strategies, citywide and nationwide slum upgrading, and national policies on urban development and local government. Support is prioritised to cities, local authorities, associations of local authorities and/or national governments that are committed to:

  • Improving their cities, and local governance, for all residents;
  • Adopting a long-term, comprehensive and inclusive approach to urban development;
  • Implementing those reforms necessary to effect systemic change, and to achieve delivery at scale; and
  • Decentralising resources to empower local government.

Summary operational reports are provided below:

  • Proposals Recommended for Approval
    For grants which have been recommended for approval to the CG by the Secretariat.

  • New Proposals Under Review
    For members to review to ensure that they are not in conflict with the programmes or activities of their respective organisations. This list includes all new proposals from both the former open access grant facility and the Catalytic Fund.

  • Proposals  for Donor Coordination
    For members to conduct a final review and ensure that they are not duplicating programmes or activities or their respective organisations.

  • Proposals to the Catalytic Fund
    All proposals received as part of the current Call for Proposals for the Catalytic Fund  that meet minimum eligibility requirements.