In preparation for the upcoming World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, UN-Habitat is holding a series of e-Debates in order to provide new ideas and thinking for the event.

Internet users from around the world are invited to participate in the e-Debates and engage in thematic discussions with their peers under the moderation of a team of experts.

The e-Debates will focus on the six dialogue sessions that form the backbone of the Forum:

  • Equal Access to Shelter (21 September - 12 October)
  • Bridging the Urban Divide (5-26 October)
  • Inclusive Sustainable Urbanisation and Cultural Diversity in Cities (2-23 November)
  • Governance and Participation (16 November – 7 December)
  • Taking Forward the Right to the City (23 November – 14 December)

The debate on Inclusive Sustainable Urbanisation is currently underway, with David Simon, member of the UGEC Scientific Steering Committee and Head of the Development Geography Department at the University of London, as moderator. The discussion aims to develop better understanding about ways to address the impacts of climate change, social inequality and vulnerability, spatial segregation and inadequate housing.

Each debate will be open for three weeks. UN-Habitat will invite those judged to have made the best contributions in the e-Debate to join the organisation at the Forum in Rio 22-26 March 2010.

To participate in the Inclusive Sustainable Urbanisation debate, please click here.

For more information about the e-Debates, please visit UN-Habitat’s website.

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