October 7th: The World Metropolitan Day campaign, led by Metropolis and CIPPEC, invites local, metropolitan and regional authorities globally to advocate for metropolitan interests in the global arena.


We live in a metropolitan world, where urban areas are constantly outgrowing their traditional municipal boundaries generating complex urban systems. Over 40% of the world’s urban population currently resides in large metropolitan areas, with this population projected to grow by more than 600 million people by 2030. The World Metropolitan Day shed the light on those different metropolitan realities.

The World Metropolitan Day campaign is led by Metropolis and CIPPEC and invites local, metropolitan and regional authorities throughout the world to organize an event on the 7th of October. It brings together representatives of all the different levels of government operating in the same metro area, all the while promoting open debate on the important matters they all face together as part of the same metropolitan community. 

The World Metropolitan Day aims to raise public awareness of metropolitan contexts and the various models of metropolitan governance. It invites local and regional actors to learn from each other’s experiences in dealing with policy areas such as environmental degradation, pressure on infrastructure, gender inequality, the escalation of population movements, the changes in political tensions and the increase in economic fragility.

To mark World Metropolitan Day, Cities Alliance is proud to co-organize a virtual discussion in coordination with UHPH, SEDATU and Nuevo León on the topic of city governance. The event will aim to unite key players in a debate on sustainable urban planning and how well managed urban centers can support the achievement of SDG 11, and more specifically, make cities safe, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient. The discussion will analyze two local cases, Monterrey and Guadalajara, and two international cases from Brazil and El Salvador. 


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