[25 October 2012] -- The Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities (GI-REC) was launched in Rio last 18 June 2012 to capitalise on the potential for cities to lead actions towards greater resource efficiency. These efforts will enhance the quality of life in urban areas, in particular in rapidly growing cities in developing countries, by minimising resource extraction, energy consumption, and waste generation and through safeguarding ecosystem services.
In this context, UNEP is looking for a team of experts to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of resource efficiency in cities. The review will be based on existing research, the experience and knowledge of city managers and practitioners, and the experience of key urban stakeholders. The review will consist of two main products: (1) Assessment of needs for promoting resource efficiency at city level (global survey) and (2) Assessment of current activities carried out by different stakeholders and organisations on resource efficiency (mapping exercise).
Interested parties are requested to submit a project proposal (approximately 5 pages) by Wednesday, 7 November 2012 (midnight Paris time) to Soraya Smaoun ( copied to Sharon Gil ( The proposal should contain: (1) an understanding of the work required and overall approach to undertake the assignment,  (2) a description of the organisation and the team that will work on the project and, (3) a proposed breakdown of the budget and work plan.  
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