A newly signed collaboration between USAID and Cities Alliance is set to provide support to municipalities and communities in Haiti. The collaboration aims to increase the delivery of services in secondary cities, promoting long-term locally-driven economic and social development.

Under the umbrella of the Increasing Municipal Revenues to Improve Services (IMRIS) programme, Cities Alliance will facilitate the promotion of local solutions for solid waste management and marketplace improvement. The programme will also create platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogue and enhance the capacities of municipal governments.

To ensure its effectiveness, the multi-year programme will be developed through a phased approach, incorporating flexibility and collaborative processes to guide its design and implementation. Continuous monitoring of the country's political and social situation will help inform and shape further evolutions of the programme.

Initially, the IMRIS initiative will be implemented in collaboration with the cities of Cap-Haïtien and Les Cayes. The primary focus will be on supporting local governments and civil society groups in addressing the immediate needs of slum residents.

In later stages, the initiative will aim to align the efforts of community, local, and national governments to achieve long-term transformation in the lives of urban poor communities in Haiti.

This collaboration between USAID and Cities Alliance holds great potential for empowering municipalities and communities in Haiti, improving service delivery, and driving sustainable local development. By engaging stakeholders and addressing immediate challenges, the IMRIS programme aims to pave the way for positive change and a brighter future in Haiti's secondary cities.

Julian's Presentation in Haiti
Julian Baskin, Principal Urban Advisor at Cities Alliance, presents the concept for the IMRIS-Programme
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