Launch of a joint campaign of Cities Alliance members and partners

Our Latest Campaign: Decalogue for Participatory Slum Upgrading


A Roadmap for Latin America and the Caribbean


The vulnerability of slum dwellers affects us all. The spread of COVID-19 illustrates this in an unprecedented manner. In an interconnected world, solidarity is an urgent necessity rather than a luxury good. Therefore, it is our joint responsibility to act and fight essential slum upgrading that improves the well-being of its inhabitants, realizes their rights, enhances political participation, and respects the environment.


Introducing the Decalogue for participatory Slum upgrading in Latin America and the Caribbean


We have joined forces with an alliance of civil society organizations, social movements, universities, research centers, international and regional organizations, and networks to launch the Decalogue for Participatory Slum upgrading in Latin America and the Caribbean to highlight ten concrete steps towards a truly integral slum upgrading process. This alliance was created within the framework of the Synergies for Solidarity initiative to collectively imagine a more just post-pandemic future, building a global network of collaboration and empathy.

Join us in collectively re-imagining our communities and moving towards cities and human settlements that foster political and social inclusion, equitable economic growth, and environmental justice!


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