The Cities Alliance Consultative Group meetings and Public Policy Forum will be held in Mumbai, India from 18-22 January, 2010. The occasion will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Cities Alliance.


The forthcoming 2009 meeting of the Consultative Group will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Cities Alliance.
The meetings will take place in Mumbai, India from 18 - 22 January 2010, and will be held at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel. The theme of this year's Public Policy Forum, 18-19 January, is "Focus on India's Urban Policies." The Public Policy Forum begins with a day-long site visit in Mumbai, including Dharavi, on 18 January and continues to an all day session on 19 January.
On 20 January, Cities Alliance members and observers will discuss implementation of the Medium Term Strategy, debating some of the larger issues in response to the report of the Working Group, and related proposals to be presented by the Secretariat. 
The Consultative Group meeting itself, which is limited to members and accredited observers, will take place on Thursday and Friday, 21 and 22 January.
For more information on the Consultative Group meeting and the Public Policy Forum, please contact Ms. Sid Henderson at  
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