The Cities Alliance Secretariat as provided by UNOPS adheres to anti-corruption policies of the highest international standards. Pertinent text outlining anti-corruption and fraud measures is included in the Contribution Agreement with Donors. Applicable UNOPS policies are: UNOPS policy to address fraud (OD 10, revision 2); Charter of the Internal Audit and Investigations Group (OD 25, revision 1); Protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct or cooperating with duly authorised fact-finding activities (OD 35, new); and UNOPS Legal Framework for Addressing Non-Compliance with United Nations Standards of Conduct (OD36). The general conditions attached to grant agreements for Recipients of Cities Alliance funds includes anticorruption and procurement standards. Within the framework provided by the above policies, the Cities Alliance Secretariat relies also on its specific fiduciary assessments of Recipients and on project control tools (such as procurement plans, social and environmental plans, financial and progress reports, as well as supervision missions.