From Response to Recovery

The Covid-19 Response Programme (Phase I) reinforced communities of the urban poor and their support organizations to respond to Covid-19. It emphasised the real and urgent needs of their communities and the development of more robust partnerships for inclusive city planning.

The Covid-19 Recovery Programme (Phase II) supports communities’ sustainable and inclusive recovery from the pandemic. It will focus on rebuilding efforts that have been identified and prioritised by slum dweller federations. Phase II will also support local adaptation to climate change. 

The support to slum dwellers federations under the two programmes is provided across three work streams: 

Programme Workstreams

In Phase I, this workstream provided humanitarian support and access to basic services. It strengthened livelihoods and improved health conditions in informal settlements. The workstream supported initiatives to restrict the spread of Covid-19, protect vulnerable populations against it, and upgrade and improve their basic services. 

Phase II will focus on supporting savings and livelihood and building federation capacity and leadership. It will also continue to improve infrastructure and access to basic services.

This workstream supports data gathering and mapping. These activities are crucial for the planning and implementation of structured and inclusive Covid-19 response and recovery. The workstream also advocates the fundamental rights of slum dwellers and enhances knowledge of the Covid-19 pandemic at a community level.

This workstream promotes business continuity. It supplies financial resources to organizations that support federations of the poor in crisis response and recovery. It focuses on governance, risk, and accountability. 

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