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In accordance with its charter and Standard Operating Procedures, the governance and organisational structure of the Cities Alliance includes the Consultative Group, the Executive Committee, and the Secretariat.

The Consultative Group—the Alliance’s board of directors—is responsible for setting the Alliance’s long-term strategy, approving its annual work programme and budget, and reviewing achievements.

The Consultative Group consists of financial contributors to the Cities Alliance Trust Fund and the political heads of the global organisation of local authorities, UCLG, and Metropolis, who have pledged their commitment to achieving Alliance goals. The Consultative Group is co-chaired by UN-HABITAT’s executive director. Prospective financial contributors may serve as associate members for two years.

The Consultative Group has also set up the eight-member Executive Committee, made up of a subset of its members, to provide guidance to the Secretariat.

Consultative Group Members
The Consultative Group includes representatives of the Cities Alliance partnership, which 
features a broad range of members, including: local authorities, national governments, non-governmental organisations, multi-lateral organisations, and Associate Members. For our current membership, please see Our Members.

Consultative Group Meetings

Consultative Group meetings are held annually in connection with a global public policy forum designed to share the lessons learned from experience and agree on policy orientations and standards of practice in areas related to the Alliance’s goals. List of Consultative Group meetings and their focus
The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EXCO) provides policy guidance to the Secretariat between Consultative Group meetings and oversight of the Secretariat on behalf of the Consultative Group.
The EXCO is appointed by the CG and is accountable to it in all matters including approving the annual work plan and budget of the Cities Alliance, including that of the Secretariat; participating in the selection of the Manager of the Secretariat; identifying and selecting countries for country programme interventions; and nominating the Chairperson of the Policy Advisory Forum.
It consists of a combination of permanent members, rotating members and non decision-making, ex-officio members. UCLG serves as Chair of EXCO.

The Policy Advisory Forum (PAF) is the platform for public discussion, debate and knowledge sharing. The Forum promotes dialogue between CG members and invited partners on key policy and strategic issues of city and urban development, and advises the Cities Alliance on appropriate policies and strategies.

The PAF has a Chairperson for a period of three years. The current PAF Chair is Clare Short, former Secretary for International Development (DFID/UK) and Member of Parliament.

The Cities Alliance previously had a Policy Advisory Board that provided guidance to the Consultative Group on key strategic, policy, and regional issues and supported the implementation of Alliance activities. In the wake of a considered review of its role and utility, the Policy Advisory Board was restructured into Policy Advisory Forum at the Consultative Group Meeting in Mexico City in November 2010.
The Secretariat

The Secretariat, located in Brussels, Belgium, carries out the Cities Alliance Work Programme and manages its day-to-day operations.  A primary function of the Secretariat is to actively facilitate the participation of members in the activities of the organisation. It also provides appropriate services to its Members, and generally facilitates the work of the partnership.
Secretariat Staff
 Allou, Serge : Lead Urban Specialist
 Balocova, Magda : Programme Management Specialist
 Baskin, Julian : Head, Programme Unit
 Cobbett, William : Director
 Daepp, David : Programme Officer
 Henderson, Susanna (Sid) : Partnership Officer
 Hohmann, Rene Peter : Sr. Urban Specialist
 Karakhanyan, Nune : Executive Associate
 Kibui, Phyllis : Head, Finance and Operations
 Kurth, Marie-Alexandra : Urban Specialist
 Lima, Laura : Urban Specialist
 Loi, Nicola : Intern
 Puspa, Erika : Information Management Specialist

 Reudenbach, Lisa

: Urban Analyst
 Siddique, Omar  : Sr. Urban Specialist
 Silva, Federico  : Sr. Programme Specialist
 Hordila, Alexandru   : Programme Associate
 Washington, DC:   
 Dai, Ngoc    : Project Analyst
 New Delhi, India:  
 Suri, Ajay    : Asia Regional Adviser
 Sao Paulo, Brazil :  
 Rossbach, Anaclaudia    : LAC Regional Adviser
 Pretoria, South Africa :  
 Hosken, Adele    : Africa Regional Adviser


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