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Ely Katembo

Amongst the innovative ideas recognized was a proposal from Health Education and Literacy Program (HELP) from Pakistan to help establish home based nutrition rehabilitation of severely malnourished children.  It was very good experience to be a finalist at the Development Marketplace.  This was an opportunity not only to demonstrate and talk about our ideas but to also learn from innovative approaches from the other participants,” said Duresamin Akram, from HELP.

As the saying goes,  “It takes a village to raise a child”, Care of Afghan Families was one of the winners with a proposal to improve the nutrition status of young children through focus not just on their mothers, but also on the other family members, and on the community.

A Bangladeshi proposal to promote the nutritional status of malnourished children of commercial sex workers and families of people living with HIV/AIDS won the People’s Choice Award, following popular voting by visitors who attended the Development Marketplace in Dhaka.

“In our view all of the finalists gathered here today are winners,” said Andrea Vermehren, Senior Social Protection Specialist.  She emphasized that the greatest outcome of the Development Marketplace is precisely the learning that comes from the exchange of ideas and experiences among all the participants.

Nutrition is an area that continues to puzzle practitioners and policy makers because of its multidisciplinary implications. The private nature of some family decisions, including how women have and feed their children and their status in the household all play part.