Country/City Window

The Country/City window provides technical assistance at the city and national level across multiple countries. Our established Country Programme model is at the core of this window, which also includes the smaller, flexible Innovation Fund.

Country Programmes

Country Programmes are longer-term programmes tailored to a country’s context and needs, delivered through financing a series of key urban initiatives in a coherent, sustained manner to achieve development impact at scale. They typically include activities at three levels: community, local and national.

These programmes are implemented with the national government through members and partner organisations active in the country, particularly those representing the urban poor and women. The Cities Alliance Secretariat works with members and provides the convening and collaborative design, technical coordination, financial support, and fiduciary control.

Our Country Programmes include Burkina Faso, Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Tunisia, Uganda and Vietnam.


Innovation Fund

The Cities Alliance’s Innovation Fund was created to incubate fresh thinking and approaches to urban challenges, particularly in rapidly-urbanising cities. It is a flexible instrument also designed for new and non-traditional partners, especially in those cities and communities that are typically left behind. A thematic approach facilitates comparative analyses across multiple projects, generating shared learning that can facilitate urban transformation.

The Innovation Fund is an evolution of the Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund, which funded 31 innovative projects in 48 cities in 32 countries, disbursing USD 6.1 million in grant funding between 2012 and 2018.