Cities Alliance Annual Meeting: Maputo, Mozambique, (6)-9 November 2011

9 September 2011
Dear Consultative Group Members,
Greetings from Washington where we are back in full swing after the summer season.
This is just a very brief note to inform you of the excellent news that, yesterday 8th September, we have received confirmation from His Worship the Mayor of Maputo, the Hon. David Simango, that Maputo City will host our forthcoming Annual Meetings from 7 - 9 November.
We are in the process of making block, reservation bookings at two hotels and will be in touch next week with more details:
Please note:
  1. We will be working with the Mayor's office to try and organise site visits for Sunday 6th November - please factor this into your planning. We will advise as soon as we have confirmation.
  2. EXCO members will definitely need to arrive on Saturday, 5th.
  3. We have been advised that flights to Maputo are heavily booked at this time of the year, so I advise you to make your travel bookings as soon as you can.
  4. We expect a very full agenda, so please try and make no plans to depart before Thursday 10th November.
More information on the programme will follow shortly.





William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC