As per its Charter, the main objective of the Cities Alliance is to reduce urban poverty and promote the role of cities in sustainable development. To assess the extent to which the organisation is making progress toward that objective, the Cities Alliance monitors, evaluates and reports its activities within an agreed-upon performance and results framework and through dedicated comprehensive systems.

We do this through: 

Annual Reports

The Secretariat produces an annual result-based narrative report following the end of each calendar year, as per the Cities Alliance Standard Operating Procedures. The Annual Report highlights results of our Work Programme and financials for the year. More 


Corporate Scorecard

The corporate scorecard serves as a snapshot of the Cities Alliance’s overall performance and results for a given period of time and as a report to the Management Board. It provides the Cities Alliance with information on the achievement of development results, effectiveness in achieving those results, and efficiency of its operations. The scorecard also supports strategic planning to fill crucial gaps, foster learning and corrective actions, and promote accountability for results. More


Independent Evaluations

The Cities Alliance periodically undertakes an independent evaluation of its performance by a third party. The purpose of these evaluations is to:

  1 - Assess Cities Alliance performance (both effectiveness and efficiency) in achieving its objectives and desired results, and provide guidance on how to improve this performance; and

  2 - Assess the extent to which the Cities Alliance’s objectives and strategy remain relevant to the urban development agenda. More


Strategic Documents

These documents communicate the Cities Alliance’s core principles, long- and medium- term goals, and the actions needed to achieve those goals. They include our Charter, Strategic Plans, and Medium-Term Strategies. More