Joint Work Programmes

Joint Work Programmes (JWPs), which serve as a coordination platform, knowledge hub and think tank for advocating new thinking on key urban issues.

Delivering knowledge through Joint Work Programmes

The main way Cities Alliance members and partners  deliver knowledge and learning activities is through Joint Work Programmes (JWPs).

These are multi-year projects between Cities Alliance members, facilitated by the Cities Alliance Secretariat, that focus on the coordinated development and dissemination of joint knowledge products, such as studies, toolkits and e-learning courses.


Implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda

Collaboration on the implementation of these two global agendas, both in and with cities and through multi-stakeholder partnerships.


Promoting Equitable Economic Growth in Cities

A partnership to develop knowledge and tools to promote equitable economic growth in cities, filling a much-needed knowledge gap.


Making Cities More Resilient

Bringing Cities Alliance members and partners together to promote resilient, resource-efficient urban planning.


Achieving Gender Equality

A platform for promoting the role of women in development and ensuring that gender equality is mainstreamed across Cities Alliance activities.


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