8 December: Cities Alliance Charter and Reminders

8 December 2010

Dear Consultative Group members,

Thank you again for your participation and hard work at the Mexico City CG, which the Secretariat regards as one of the most productive, successful and convivial! Since Mexico City, we have been identifying the critical steps that will be essential in implementing the new business model.

We are trying the end the year on a positive, forward-looking note, so please allow me to make the following reminders:

1.) Attached, kindly please find the version of the Charter from 16 November that has been sent to the WB Lawyers for comment/clearance. We will have a formal meeting with the Legal team next week and will report on the results (Attachment 1)

2.) Please send comments on the draft Terms of Reference for the 2011 Independent Evaluation of the CA by 23 December 2010 (Attachments 2a and 2b)

3) Please send comments on the Catalytic Fund and the Small Grant Facility by 31 December 2010 (Attachments 3a and 3b)

Some initial comments we have received for the Catalytic Fund, following the excellent discussion in Mexico City, are to reduce the process from two steps (competitive concept note, short listing, competitive application process, final selection)  to  a single step competitive selection process based on the Concept Notes. Please note that this would still allow for rejection if the full application does not meet expectations/standards.

4.) Please see the attached draft "Action Plan for Africa - A Strategy for the Cities Alliance" that is one of the the outcomes of the PAF on 16 November 2010. Comments are welcome (see attached 4)

All Mexico City meeting documentation has been posted on the CA Website - CA Member Page. Meeting reports will be circulated shortly.

Please make sure to create your personal login and peruse the site http://www.citiesalliance.org/ca/

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the new year.





William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


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