6 December 2010: Next EXCO Meeting - Dates and Place

6 December 2010

Dear Executive Committee members,
First and foremost, let me thank you for all of your efforts over the past year. With your dedication, and the two meetings in Paris, by the time we arrived in Mexico City the Charter was in pretty good shape. The speed and manner in which the CG considered and adopted the Charter was testament to the hard work, and application, of EXCO. Thanks, once again, to UNEP for hosting the meetings, and creating the right mood and atmosphere.
You will recall that, in Mexico City, it was decided to hold the next EXCO meeting in Washington DC.  After consultation with a number of members, we would like to take advantage of other meetings in Washington, and therefore propose to hold the meeting prior to the World Bank's Energy Sector Days (14-16 March) as well as the  meeting of  World Bank's 2011 Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP) (17-18 March).
It is, therefore, proposed to hold the EXCO meeting on Thursday and Friday, March 10-11.
Please confirm your availability as soon as possible.
We will develop a fuller agenda for the two days. However, we envisage splitting the meeting into two parts - the first day focusing on our interaction with different service providers within the Bank, and the second day devoted to EXCO matters:
Day 1: Discussions with key World Bank departments such as Safeguards, Legal,  Global Programs and Trust Funds to make brief, informative presentations to foster open engagement; and
Day 2: EXCO  business meeting
  1. Please send comments on the Terms of Reference for the 2011 Independent Evaluation of the CA by 23 December 2010
  2. Please send comments on the Catalytic Fund and the Small Grant Facility by 31 December 2010
  3. Please find attached the clean version of the Charter from 16 November 2010. This version has been sent to the World Bank Legal department for final comment/clearance.
Please see the attached Mexico City EXCO Photo courtesy of Daniel and Carolin.
With my best wishes,






William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


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