5 November 2010

Dear Executive Committee members,
As you will have noticed, we have yesterday sent out the main mailing to the members of the CG, including the draft Charter.
This email provides you with additional information, and related attachments, for the meeting of the Executive Committee on Monday 15th. We have reserved all day for the meeting, which will hopefully facilitate a consensus recommendation from EXCO to the CG, and also allow the Secretariat sufficient time to prepare the necessary presentation for the CG.  It will be very important to present the Charter debate with great clarity and precision.
Below, please find the draft Agenda for the EXCO meeting. The morning is devoted to the Charter, and the afternoon to three main topics: The GHK Presentation, Cities Alliance Business Matters, and Partnership Matters.
1. Agenda
2. Charter
As you will have noticed from yesterday's correspondence, we decided it was prudent to send to the CG the version of the Charter as at the end of our last Paris meeting, and indicate to them that would be finalised by EXCO at its meeting in Mexico City on the 15th November.
Attached, you will again find the draft Charter, as well as a matrix that covers the following comments:
* Comments received from Franz Marre;
* Comments received from Erik Berg; and
* Preliminary comments and suggestions received from World Bank lawyers.
In the view of the Secretariat, none of the comments received are of a fundamental nature, and we believe that all can be addressed in the meeting of Monday 15th.
3. Presentation by GHK: Evaluation of Project Implementation Modalities of the Cities Alliance.
This attachment was included in yesterday's CG mailing;
4. Presentation: Cities Alliance Business Matters.
The Secretariat will make a presentation of its analysis of the cost of Grant Administration. The background paper will be circulated at the meeting;
Budget and Work Programme 2010-2011 - background paper already circulated;
5. Partnership matters:
The TOR for the Independent Evaluation have already been circulated;
We attach, below, our first attempt at creating a process for evaluating countries for selection as the fourth LSC (Gates-funded) country. As you will recall, there was an explicit agreement in Paris that this decision will move from the Secretariat, to EXCO. It was also agreed that the fourth country would be selected from amongst the French-speaking African countries. Accordingly, we have created a matrix based on criteria emanating from the Medium term Strategy. The secretariat is very keen to receive guidance from EXCO on this process, and how it can be refined and improved, as necessary.
The Secretariat will also circulate, at the meeting, a short discussion document on Fragile States and post-Disaster countries, as was requested at the last Paris meeting.
5. Portfolio Review
Finally, please also find our Portfolio review, which was completed yesterday. This should provide you with the  necessary information to make an overall assessment of the Cities Alliance work programme, and portfolio.
Safe travels, and I look forward to seeing you all in Mexico City. We will also be joined by the delegate from the recently-elected Government of Chile.
With my best wishes,







William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


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