4 November 2010: Meeting of the Consultative Group, Mexico City 16-17 November 2010

4 November 2010

Dear Consultative Group, 
This will be the last substantive email prior to the meeting in Mexico City. It contains a great deal of important information, so please take the time to read the whole message. Please pay particular attention to Item #8!
*Note: All UCLG Registration Packets for delegates sponsored by Cities Alliance will be handed out on Tuesday morning, 16 November at the CG meeting.
1. CG Agenda
Attached please find the draft CG Agenda, which will be discussed and adopted at the beginning of the meeting. Please note the special Policy Debate on a Cities Alliance Strategy for Africa (10h00-13h00 November 16th), which will be facilitated by Clare Short. In this session, we are hoping to give members the opportunity to discuss a more focused and sustained strategy for sub-Saharan Africa, which is where the bulk of LDCs are to be found. This will provide an excellent opportunity for Cities Alliance members to articulate a clear direction for the organisation to build upon its successes in middle income countries, and use the new business model to seek ways of having a greater impact in sub-Saharan Africa.
However, the main business of the CG meeting will be consideration of a draft Cities Alliance Charter, which will be presented by the Executive Committee.

1a - Minutes from Mumbai CG
1b - Draft Agenda: Mexico City

2. Charter
Following the discussions and decisions at our 10th Anniversary Meeting in Mumbai in January, the Executive Committee has devoted a great deal of time and energy to consideration of the Charter. The issue was first debated at the ordinary, mid-year meeting in Paris in July. At this meeting, it became apparent that there was a great deal of willingness and momentum to deal with the Charter in a single, seamless process. Accordingly, EXCO met again in Paris last week, in an extraordinary meeting to consider a wholly revised Charter.
Attached you will find the draft Charter, the version as at the conclusion of the Paris meeting on the 26th October. EXCO members have subsequently circulated some additional amendments, In addition, the Secretariat yesterday had an excellent meeting with the World Bank lawyers, who have made a number of very constructive comments on the same draft. All comments will be addressed by EXCO at its meeting on Monday, 15th November, following which a consensus draft is to be tabled at the beginning of the formal proceedings of the CG, immediately following lunch on the 16th November.
To facilitate the debate on the 16th, all proposed amendments arising from the final EXCO meeting will be highlighted, so that all CG members will be able to immediately see the proposed amendments to the version of the 26th October.
However, just to be absolutely clear, the whole of the draft Charter will be tabled for discussion. The Agenda has been structured to provide plenty of time for discussion of this important document, including time for reflection overnight, so that there is ample opportunity for debate, discussion and - we sincerely hope - for achieving consensus.

2a - Current Charter
2b - Draft new Charter (26th October, 2010)

3.  GHK Evaluation Report
As mandated previously by the CG, a formal presentation will be made on the main findings of the independent evaluation of Project Implementation Modalities of the Cities Alliance. This presentation will be made by Jamie Simpson of GHK, who will have interviewed many of you. Jamie also participated in our last CG meeting in Mumbai, where he presented a preliminary report.

3 - Attachment: GHK ppt presentation

4. Work Programme and Budget
Attached please find the updated Work Programme and Budget Document for 2010-2011, which will be presented by the Secretariat.

4 - Attachment: Work Programme and Financial Plan

5. TOR Independent Evaluation 2011
This document has previously been circulated. However, we expect some revisions, which will be presented to the CG with changes tracked These TOR will need to be discussed, amended as necessary, and then adopted by the Consultative Group.
6. Partnership Matters

6 - Attachment: Partnership Matters 4Nov2010

7. Other Logistical Issues for Mexico City:
Venue: The CG meeting will take place at the Hilton Hotel Reforma, Avenida Juarez #70, Mexico City, Mexico 06010. Tel: +52-55-5130-5300. The Secretariat is also staying at this hotel.
Cocktail: All members are invited to a Cocktail reception at 7pm, Tuesday 16th November, at the same Hotel.
Staff Support: Each delegation will be contacted early next week by a member of the Secretariat, who will be available to provide substantive information and support to Members. It is hoped that this will facilitate the smooth running of the CG meeting. 
All CG documents, and related background papers, will be posted on the Cities Alliance website, as and when they become available.
UCLG Congress: Please make time to attend and participate in the UCLG Congress, particularly after the conclusion of the CG meetings. This is an excellent opportunity to network with mayors and city officials from all over the world, and the main reason why we are holding this meeting in Mexico City.
8. Please Note: We are striving to make Cities Alliance meetings more Green!
There is normally a huge amount of unused papers and documents that are destroyed by the Secretariat at the end of every Cities Alliance meeting. To obviate this wastage, avoid duplication, and improve efficiency, the Secretariat is requesting that all CG members accept responsibility for ensuring that they have the requisite documentation for the CG meeting.
We look forward to seeing you in Mexico City, and to a productive meeting.
With my best wishes,






William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


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