03 September 2010

Dear Executive Committee,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in this correspondence.
1.) Further to our excellent meeting in Paris, I am pleased to attach the Minutes, as cleared by Elisabeth Gateau:
2.) I hereby confirm that, as agreed at the last EXCO meeting, there will an additional, extraordinary EXCO meeting on Tuesday, 26th October. Once again, we are pleased to confirm that this meeting will be hosted at UNEP's Paris offices.
As you will recall, the main focus of this EXCO meeting is to consider changes to the Charter, which will be tabled before the CG at our meeting in Mexico City in November.
3.) Following on the initial Charter amendments proposed by EXCO members during the course of the July Paris meeting, the Secretariat was instructed to further develop possible revisions to the Charter, to facilitate the discussion in October. Below are two versions of the Charter based on the Secretariat's response to your instruction - the first identifies all of the changes, so that you can clearly see what has been amended and added, and the second version with all of the tracked changes incorporated. This could then serve as the basis for our deliberations in Paris.
4.) Having undertaken this process, we have found that, in editing the current version, inconsistencies emerge, and present an obstacle to the kind of clearly articulated Charter that we believe the EXCO is trying to achieve. The Secretariat, therefore, suggests that EXCO again give consideration to drafting a new Charter from scratch, incorporating EXCO comments from the July meeting.
If there is no objection from EXCO, the Secretariat proposes to prepare a clean version of the Charter, which would be circulated to EXCO at least two weeks prior to the Paris meeting.
5.) We will circulate a detailed agenda closer to the date. We envisage an all-day meeting in Paris, so members should plan to arrive on Monday 25th.
6.) I have attached the draft, weekly schedule of events for Mexico City, 15-19 November 2010 for your information. We will send out a logistics email shortly.

With my best wishes,




William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC