28 September 2010

Dear Executive Committee,

Warm greetings from Washington.

After some discussion with some EXCO members, and the Chairperson, it has been decided to provide for the possible extension of the forthcoming EXCO meeting to ensure that there is sufficient time to focus on the Charter, which will be the main focus of the meeting.

Accordingly, please adjust your logistical arrangements for the meeting, which will now commence immediately after lunch on Monday 25 October (13h30, for 14h00 start), and continue to lunch on the 26th. However, members should be available to continue into the afternoon of the 26th, should extra time be necessary.

We will also organise for an EXCO dinner on the evening of the 25th, to facilitate informal exchange.

In making these arrangements, we did not wish to impinge on the UN-Habitat / Ministry of Foreign Affairs meeting, which we understand is taking place on the 27th and 28th.

Please also note that we have arranged for a meeting between the CA Secretariat, interested members of EXCO and the OECD Urban Development Unit on the morning of the 27th.

I apologise for this late revision to the Paris meeting - however, this is our last chance to properly address the Charter before the CG meeting in Mexico. 

As previously stated, the Secretariat will circulate a draft Charter two weeks prior to the meeting.

With my best wishes,




William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC