22 October 2010: Cities Alliance Annual Meeting 15-18 November 2010 Mexico City Meeting Documents

22 October 2010


Dear Consultative Group,
The Secretariat is in the final stages of preparation for the Consultative Group meeting in Mexico City. At the same time, we are also preparing for the forthcoming, special meeting of EXCO, which will be considering revisions to the Charter to submit to the CG next month. Accordingly, the substantive materials for the CG meeting will be sent in two batches, the first of which we are sending out today.
The first batch comprises two emails - this one, attaching the available CG Meeting Documentation and the second dealing with Mexico City Meeting Logistics.
Please find attached the following CG Meeting Documentation:
1.) Draft Agenda Consultative Group Meeting
2.) Medium Term Strategy Update - October 2010
3.) CA Evaluations Briefing Note (GHK International Executive Summary on the "Evaluation of the Implementation Modalities" and Terms of Reference for the 2011 Independent Evaluation of the Cities Alliance)
4) Catalytic Fund Manual
5.) Small Grant Facility Manual
The Draft Charter Amendments and the Financial and Work Programme Report will be circulated after the October 25-26 EXCO meeting.
All documentation will be posted on the Members Page on the Cities Alliance website.

With my best wishes,

William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


Attached Documentation: