Open space in Monrovia's Lakpeze neighbourhood previously covered in trash.

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Turning Trash into Community Development in Liberia’s Capital Monrovia

Nana Ammons, owner of a small solid waste collection business, tells how the Improved Primary Solid Waste Collection in Poor Communities of Monrovia (IMPAC) programme has changed her life and her community.

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The Cities Alliance and Brazil: A Partnership for Urban Transformation

These days all eyes are on Brazil, host of this year’s World Cup and the Rio Olympics in 2016. While both events are sure to showcase Brazil’s economic success and its lively culture, there is another area in which Brazil also deserves recognition: as a champion in slum upgrading and pro-poor urban policies.

Street in Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso. Photo: Serge Allou/Cities Alliance

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Taking a Closer Look at Secondary Cities

Not enough attention is being paid to the fastest growing urban areas of all, and the ones most likely to shape our urban future: secondary cities. To raise the profile of secondary cities, the Cities Alliance has made the issue one of our main focus areas for 2014.

A mapping exercise in Mtandire, Malawi. Photo: SDI

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Top 5 Reasons to Know Your City!

A better knowledge of cities can help bridge the engagement, information and accountability gaps between city governments and their citizens. It can also support good governance and inclusive planning. (Cross-posted with the Meeting of the Minds blog)

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Youth in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Find Their Voice

With its innovative advocacy and communication tools, the Urban Futures project mobilises youth in a very difficult social context and catalyses processes that transform the city. More »

Johannesburg-Lilongwe Partnership Leads to a Robust City Development Strategy

In 2007 the Lilongwe City Assembly decided to develop a city development strategy (CDS) to guide its future development.With support from both global and national associations (United Cities and Local Governments and the Malawi Local Government Association), Lilongwe therefore turned to the more experienced city of Johannesburg for guidance. More »