The gateway to Soroti Municipality in Uganda. Photo: Soroti Municipality

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Future Cities Africa Programme Charts a Bold Approach to Strategic Urban Planning in Africa

One of the Cities Alliance's most ambitious programmes to date, Future Cities Africa helps cities anticipate future challenges in terms of climate, environment, and natural resources, and gives them the tools to develop and implement action plans while promoting growth.

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How National Urban Policies Can Help Implement the New Urban Agenda

At a recent OECD conference on national urban policies, Cities Alliance member and partner countries suggested that collaborative governance processes towards the formulation and implementation of a national urban policy framework may be much more important than the content of the framework itself.


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Opinion: Building Resilience Starts at Home

Cities Alliance Urban Environment Specialist Julie Greenwalt questions if international experts are unfairly evaluating local communities in developing countries on a resilience standard that they themselves choose to ignore.

By WinterE229 - Own work, CC0,

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Edmonton to Host 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

Edmonton, Canada, has been selected to host a unique international conference that will boost the scientific understanding of climate change and cities. The Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, co-sponsored by the IPCC, will take place in March 2018.