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New City Enabling Environment Initiative to Support 30 Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region

The City and Local Government Enabling Environment (CEE) initiative will support 30 countries in the region to identify and address gaps in policy, legal and institutional frameworks that are impacting the efficiency of local governments.

Addis Ababa. Photo: Arne Hoel/The World Bank

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From Bangkok to Quito: Cities at the Forefront of Our Sustainable Future

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), together with urban and scientific organisations, will organise an international scientific conference on cities and climate change in 2018 to further the scientific understanding of climate change and cities.

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Cities Alliance at Habitat III

The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) taking place 17-20 October in Quito is a pivotal moment for cities, where the new urban agenda will be defined for the next 20 years. Cities Alliance will be an active presence at the event.

A view of Elevador Lacerda, the world's first urban elevator, connecting lower a

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Cities Alliance and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Partner for Citywide Climate Action Planning

The partnership will build climate resilience in cities through evidence-based scenario planning, target setting and climate action planning.