Brazil. Stephan Bachenheimer, World Bank

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To Deal with Zika, We Need a Gendered Approach to Urban Planning

Dr. Laura Lima and Lea Spörcke argue that effective long-term prevention for health crises such as Zika must go beyond the confines of health policy and into the realm of gender-responsive urban planning.

New Taipei. Photo: Wikipedia

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New Taipei City Wins 2016 Excellence in City Transformation Award; Harare Receives Honourable Mention

Cities Alliance sponsored the award as part of the Financial Times/International Finance Corporation (FT/IFC) Transformational Business awards for the second year running.

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Making Gender Equality Part of the New Urban Agenda

Lea Spörcke, Carlo Schmid Intern at Cities Alliance, shares her experience attending an Expert Group Meeting on incorporating gender perspectives into the New Urban Agenda.

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Moving On with AAPS to Revitalise Planning in African Cities

Recently, the Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS) published an e-book reflecting on its first ten years. It is a fascinating visual journey, full of stories, case studies and anecdotes about how planning in African cities is slowly being revitalised.