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Youth Have a Message to Cities: We Can Spark Change for the Better

As cities search for new and creative solutions to the challenges they face, they may discover they have been overlooking a resource that was there in growing numbers all along: their youth. A new report captures the key messages of a Cities Alliance-UN-Habitat learning exchange on youth and the city.

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City Action on the Climate Change Agenda

Cities Alliance and our Joint Work Programme on Resilient Cities partners put cities in the spotlight at COP22, emerging as a global coalition for action on addressing climate resilience in developing cities.

Quito, Ecuador. Photo: Ana Guzzo/Flickr

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Why Habitat III Was Critical for LAC, and Why LAC is Critical for the New Urban Agenda

Anaclaudia Rossbach argues that the Habitat III process and the adoption of a New Urban Agenda has been fundamental for the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region. In turn, the region's experience and its pre-Habitat III mobilisation efforts significantly impacted the discussions in Quito and offer valuable lessons.

Photo By ShepsSnaps - Flickr: Brisbane City Flood 2013

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Towards the 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

Cities interested in hosting the 2018 international conference on cities and climate change are invited to apply by 15 January 2017.