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New Governance Empowers Cities Alliance

At its Annual Meetings in Ethiopia in November, the Cities Alliance adopted a new governance structure, empowering the the partnership and setting it up for a strong future. The new structure also opens up the partnership to a range of new members in order to better represent the changing framework of international development aid.

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Cities Alliance Welcomes Swiss SECO to the Partnership

SECO sees Cities Alliance as an important strategic partner for networking, engaging global stakeholders, coordinating development initiatives, and obtaining knowledge on best practices. On an advocacy level, SECO also sees the partnership as a way to contribute more actively in policy dialogue at all levels.

Addis Ababa. Susanna Henderson/Cities Alliance

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Ethiopia’s Road to Middle-Income Status Runs Through Its Cities

The Cities Alliance has given the green light to develop and leverage financing for an Ethiopia Country Programme. The initiative will support key secondary cities in establishing an urban land management system to enable inclusive city growth and promote gender equity.

Pune, India. Photo: William Cobbett/Cities Alliance

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Secondary Cities Are a Vital Part of National and Regional Economic Development

A major new publication commissioned by the Cities Alliance provides much-needed data on the changing trends of secondary cities and the role they can play in regional and national development.

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Youth in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Find Their Voice

With its innovative advocacy and communication tools, the Urban Futures project mobilises youth in a very difficult social context and catalyses processes that transform the city. More »

Johannesburg-Lilongwe Partnership Leads to a Robust City Development Strategy

In 2007 the Lilongwe City Assembly decided to develop a city development strategy (CDS) to guide its future development.With support from both global and national associations (United Cities and Local Governments and the Malawi Local Government Association), Lilongwe therefore turned to the more experienced city of Johannesburg for guidance. More »