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President of Liberia Calls Cities Alliance Programme a Breakthrough for the Country

Liberia was thrust into the world’s media limelight during the onset of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in March 2014. But now Liberia is making a comeback, and the country is beginning a new chapter. The Cities Alliance looks forward to partnering with Liberia as it moves forward the sustainable city agenda.

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How Local Authorities and Communities Worked Together to Fight Ebola in Monrovia

Monrovia Mayor Clara Doe Mvogo shared her inspiring story of how the local government worked together with communities to halt the spread of the devastating Ebola virus, which lead to Liberia being declared free of Ebola.

Monrovia Mayor Clara Doe Mvogo. Photo: European Union

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Cities Alliance Partnership Puts Cities on the Agenda at European Development Days

Cities Alliance members and partners actively promoted the key role of cities in development at the 2015 European Development Days (EDD15) forum, which was held 3-4 June in Brussels.

The Future Cities Africa Ghana team in Brussels. Photo: Priscilla Ofori-Amanfo

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Future Cities Africa Workshop Highlights Cities’ Efforts to Bolster Resilience

The Future Cities Africa programme reached a milestone on 11 and 12 June when all its key actors came together for the first time since the programme was launched by Cities Alliance and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in December 2014.

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Johannesburg-Lilongwe Partnership Leads to a Robust City Development Strategy

In 2007 the Lilongwe City Assembly decided to develop a city development strategy (CDS) to guide its future development.With support from both global and national associations (United Cities and Local Governments and the Malawi Local Government Association), Lilongwe therefore turned to the more experienced city of Johannesburg for guidance. More »

Sparking a Transformation of Agra's Slums

Agra, India has used a Cities Alliance grant to develop an inclusive city development strategy and a city-wide slum upgrading plan. More importantly, they have leveraged their grant to secure USD 22 million in additional investments to improve the lives of slum dwellers. More »