A view of Elevador Lacerda, the world's first urban elevator, connecting lower a

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Cities Alliance and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Partner for Citywide Climate Action Planning

The partnership will build climate resilience in cities through evidence-based scenario planning, target setting and climate action planning.

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Cities Alliance Announces Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to Create Lasting Change in Liberia’s Cities

Cities Alliance has announced a CGI Commitment to Action that will help improve the lives of over 400,000 slum dwellers and street vendors in Greater Monrovia over the next five years.

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Cities Alliance Partnership Explores How Public Goods and Services Can Promote Equitable Economic Growth in Cities

A new Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme on Equitable Economic Growth delves into the relationship between local public services and equitable economic growth – an important area that has not been explored.

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Promoting the Role of Cities: Africa Strategy Workshop

In 2014 the Cities Alliance, a global partnership promoting the role of cities in sustainable development, adopted an Africa Strategy to both strengthen and focus its work on the continent.

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