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Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund Now Accepting Proposals on “Migration and the Inclusive City”

With the 2015 Call, the Cities Alliance seeks to promote innovative policy responses and practical approaches that adopt an inclusive response to migrants, including access to land, services, employment opportunities as well as recognition and voice. Deadline to apply is 8 May 2015.

Mauritania. Photo: Chantal Hovens

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Cities Alliance Launches Strategy to Promote Gender Equality in Cities

The Cities Alliance believes strongly that women can be sources of positive change in cities, and as a partnership we are committed to helping make that happen. We have implemented a new Gender Equality Strategy that seeks to address and reduce gender inequality in developing cities.

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New Knowledge Resources from India’s PEARL Network Make City-to-City Learning Easier

Cities seeking innovative approaches for improving governance, service delivery, and mobilising resources have an excellent new resource: a new Compendium of Global Good Practices, produced by India’s NIUA. They cover global and Indian case studies, and were designed with replication in mind.

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Tenkodogo Holds Burkina Faso’s First-Ever Municipal Forum

Organised as part of the Cities Alliance Burkina Faso Country Programme, the Tenkodogo Municipal Urban Forum was the first in the country and a major milestone for the city and for the national government’s efforts to create a more inclusive approach to urban development.

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Johannesburg-Lilongwe Partnership Leads to a Robust City Development Strategy

In 2007 the Lilongwe City Assembly decided to develop a city development strategy (CDS) to guide its future development.With support from both global and national associations (United Cities and Local Governments and the Malawi Local Government Association), Lilongwe therefore turned to the more experienced city of Johannesburg for guidance. More »

Sparking a Transformation of Agra's Slums

Agra, India has used a Cities Alliance grant to develop an inclusive city development strategy and a city-wide slum upgrading plan. More importantly, they have leveraged their grant to secure USD 22 million in additional investments to improve the lives of slum dwellers. More »