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CALL FOR BEST PRACTICES: Integrated Follow-up and Review Approaches to Urban Sustainability Beyond SDG11

Are you a local actor working on the follow-up and review of the global sustainability agendas? Do you have a best practice to share? Cities Alliance will give you the chance to share it at a global level.

Cities Alliance Urban Specialist Julie Greenwalt addresses  CitiesIPCC Plenary

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Ground-breaking Cities and Climate Change Science Conference Inspires Research, Forges New Partnerships

The CitiesIPCC conference brought together scientists, city representatives, and urban practitioners for the first time to discuss cities and climate change. Cities Alliance was a partner and co-sponsor of the conference.

Cape Coast, Ghana.

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Cities Alliance Facilitates Cooperation between Ghana and the Coalition for Urban Transitions

Cities Alliance is facilitating an initial engagement between the government of Ghana and the Coalition for Urban Transitions to strengthen the second phase of Ghana's National Urban Policy.

Tromsø, Norway. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ximonic (Simo Räsänen)

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No Dragons Any More: Arctic Cities Are a Case of Ignored, Threatened Sustainability

The urban population is increasing in the circumpolar North. However, the challenges of cities, towns and settlements in the Arctic – located in some of the richest countries in the world – receive little attention. By Erik Berg