Photo: International Migration Organization

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How Migration Can Benefit Secondary Cities

Secondary cities are among the fastest growing in the world, and the arrival point for tens of thousands of migrants each year. Although these migrants put added pressure on cities that are already straining to accommodate the needs of residents, they also offer the potential for opportunity and economic growth.

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USAID Rejoins the Cities Alliance Partnership

In October, Cities Alliance formally welcomed USAID back to the partnership. We spoke with the Office of Land and Urban in USAID's Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment about the agency's approach to urban development and what it hopes to achieve together with Cities Alliance.

Haiti. Photo: Dominic Chavez/World Bank

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New Urban Housing Practitioners’ Hub Takes Shape in Latin America

Cities Alliance is supporting development of the Urban Housing Practitioners Hub, a platform that combines a digital space with in-person interactions where people can connect and access information about housing in the LAC region as they implement the New Urban Agenda.

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A Gender-Responsive Urban Environment Can Address Inequality and Foster Equitable Economic Growth

By recognizing the way gender shapes realities in cities, gender-responsive services can address practical and strategic gender needs to empower people and transform societies. Learn more in our new discussion paper.