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Why We Need Inclusive Partnerships for the New Urban Agenda

Dr. Fernando Casado argues that how successfully we develop creative, inclusive partnership frameworks in a participatory manner will determine how sustainable and realistic the new urban agenda will be.

Daily life in Conakry, Guinea. Photo © Dominic Chavez/World

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New Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank Puts City Development First

Cities Alliance has launched a new think tank in partnership with the African Centre for Cities that will generate compelling analysis to better address the key challenges and gaps of urban development in Africa.

View of Accra. Photo: Elegant Machines/Wikimedia Commons

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Insight from Ghana Ahead of its Fifth National Urban Forum

Mr. Sylvanus Adzornu, Head of Ghana's Urban Development Unit, discusses Ghana's path to inclusive, resilient city planning and the important role the Forum plays in advocacy, capacity building, and knowledge sharing. Cities Alliance supports the Forum through its Country Programme.

Sousse, Tunisia. Photo: Rene Peter Hohmann/Cities Alliance

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Cities Alliance Approves Country Programme in Tunisia

The partnership’s first Country Programme in the Middle East-North Africa region, it is a clear commitment to helping shore up the democratic process and the decentralisation initiatives begun by the Tunisian government.

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South Africa’s Cities Share Knowledge to Spur Development

The South African Cities Network was launched in 2002 with funding from the Cities Alliance and a number of other organisations. More »

Sparking a Transformation of Agra's Slums

Agra, India used a Cities Alliance grant to develop an inclusive city development strategy and a citywide slum upgrading plan that has leveraged USD 22 million in additional investments to improve the lives of slum dwellers. More »