Washington, DC EXCO Meeting Report, update on Policy Advisory Forum/Ghana Urban Platform, and HFHI "Build Louder" trip opportunity

1 June 2011

Dear Consultative Group Members,
Attached please find the final meeting report from the Washington, DC EXCO meeting. Following a number of comments requesting more detailed reporting from our meetings, we have changed the style of the report to include a summary of key decisions/actions steps followed by a narrative of the meeting. I would very much welcome your reaction to this new approach.
As decided at the Washington meeting, the next EXCO meeting will be held in Accra, Ghana which will include our first Policy Advisory Forum in partnership with a Special Session of the Ghana Urban Platform, which we are delighted to co-hosted with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.
Kindly please also find attached the draft overview of the Ghana EXCO meetings, 11-13 July.
I would also like to draw your attention to an invitation to participate in a  "Build Louder" trip, which Habitat for Humanity International is organising at their site in Kumasi on 14-15 July immediately after our EXCO meeting.
This is a great opportunity to understand the developmental approach of HFHI, as well as obtain a more in-depth knowledge of local conditions in Ghana - our reason for holding the meeting in Accra in the first place. If you are interested in participating, please let Sid Henderson (shenderson@citiesalliance.org) know and she will put you in touch with HFHI. 
HFHI has indicated that they would have space for approximately 15- 20 people. More information about the trip is attached in the meeting overview file.
The EXCO meeting dates are 11-13 July 2011:
  • 11 July - EXCO Business meeting (closed to EXCO member)
  • 12 July - EXCO Site Visit day (space limited)
  • 13 July - Policy Advisory Forum/Special Session of the Ghana Urban Platform (Open to CG members)
14-15 July - HFHI "Build Louder" trip to Kumasi (Open to all CG members)
All CG members are welcome to attend the Ghana Urban Platform as well as the HFHI "Build Louder" trip.






William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


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