The CLACSO Urban Inequalities Working Group presents the launch of Workbook # 1 "Multiple views to renew an urban agenda in crisis"

The current crisis in cities in Latin America and the Caribbean is not the exclusive result of the pandemic. The current situation accelerates and intensifies inequalities and shows the persistence, emergence and fractures that characterize the dynamics of their production and reproduction in the region. Thus, the urban crisis has its own historicity, is structural and is directly associated with the unsustainable nature of the Latin American urbanization model. Housing, water and sanitation, social protection, access to urban facilities, among others, have gained renewed importance in the current situation, traversed by the matrix of multidimensional and interwoven inequalities that characterizes Latin American and Caribbean societies.

This publication is the first issue of a series that provides meeting spaces for more practitioners and academics, with the aim of contributing to a transformative urban praxis that evolves and is capable of influencing the construction of the future of the cities of our region.

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