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About Our Projects

The Cities Alliance provides grants in support of city development strategies, citywide and nationwide slum upgrading, and national policies on urban development and local government.

The Cities Alliance Secretariat does not implement the projects it funds, drawing instead on the existing capacity of Alliance members. In-country work is managed through cities, the regional operational units of Cities Alliance members, other multilateral and bilateral partners, and existing global and regional partnership programmes.

For more information about our projects and activities, please see our online Project Database. The data is refreshed every Friday.


How to use our Project Database

Our project database is accessible in two ways: through a search function and clickable Project Maps. 

Search by multiple features. Our project portfolio is searchable by keyword, focus, region, country, Cities Alliance sponsor, implementing agency, partner, and fiscal year. 

Browse by country. Use the map below to browse our portfolio by country. 

Browse by theme. Use separate maps to browse CDS and Slum Upgrading projects.

Create a user-friendly report. Each report generated provides an overview of the project, its objectives, the grant amount approved, the activities that are involved, the expected impact, and available project documentation.

Download directly to Excel. You can also click on the Excel icon if you would like to download the results of your search as an Excel spreadsheet.


Project Map

Click on the blue dots in the map below to browse our project portfolio by country.  We also have separate maps for CDS and Slum Upgrading projects.