Call for New Partners for CLIFF

[24 March 2011] -- Homeless International has launched the search for new organisations to become implementing partners of the Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF).

Currently supporting partner organisations in India, Kenya, Nepal and the Philippines, CLIFF enables civil society organisations to access greater public, private and civil society sector resources to deliver adequate land, housing and basic services for the urban poor. 

For more information on CLIFF please take a look at the most recent CLIFF Annual Review

In this new call for partners, Homeless international is inviting applications from interested organisations who meet the country and organisation criteria listed below.

Any organisation interested in applying should check their eligibility, read the Guidelines



Country criteria

  • Preference will be given to organisations working in least developed countries, low income countries or lower middle income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where there are demonstrable levels of urban poverty, either nationally or within specific cities.  The latest version of the categorisation of countries’ income levels can be found in the OECD’s list here:

  • Countries, states or cities where there is a government commitment to supporting adequate land, housing and basic services for slum dwellers, or where there is demonstrable opportunity to influence relevant government entities.

  • Environments where the financial sector is sufficiently developed to offer the opportunity of mobilising loan finance within the four-year life span of the CLIFF programme.

Organisation criteria

  • Applicants whose organisational objectives and vision are concerned with improving housing and basic services for the urban poor, and slum dwellers.

  • Applicants may be a single organisation or an alliance.  In the case of an alliance, each organisation should have a clear role and potential added value in implementing CLIFF, though one organisation should be designated as the lead member for contractual and management purposes.

  • Applicants with a proven and demonstrable capacity and track record of:

    • Working with urban poor groups for the provision of housing and basic services.

    • Working with government and civil society organisations for urban development and on issues of slum upgrading.

    • Working with built environment professionals and organisations within the construction sector more generally.

    • Managing housing construction and basic services delivery.

  • Organisations that are legally constituted as Civil Society Organisation (CSO)/non-profit making organisations in the country concerned.  In addition organisations must be indigenous: any organisation whose statutes have first been established in another country is not eligible, even if it is registered locally.


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