100 Cities News Features Pioneering Initiatives in Alicante, Spain and Makati, Philippines

[21 December 2010] -- The first edition of the 100 Cities News interactive multimedia magazine is available. The publication features efforts made by people, communities, municipal officials, service providers and political leadership of a wide range of pioneering cities to make them more liveable, sustainable and forward-looking.
The September 2010 edition features a successful initiative by the city of Alicante, Spain to build an intergenerational apartment building, as well as a new disaster management initiative undertaken in Makati, the Philippines.
The 100 Cities Initiative was launched at WUF 5 in Rio de Janeiro in March 2010 as part of the launch of the World Urban Campaign, which was supported by Cities Alliance. The 100 Cities Initiative aims to help create liveable cities for all by mobilising communities, municipal officials, service providers, and the political leadership of a wide range of pioneering cities to tell their stories about how they are contributing to a better and more sustainable city.
The initial period will culminate with the 100 Cities Summit in April 2011, after which the initiative will be open to all cities that are committed to learn and benefit.
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