Local governments and municipal professionals around the world are seeking information and resources on making their cities more resilient. With many tools and diagnostics now available, it can be difficult to choose which ones are best suited for a particular city.

A new comprehensive platform launched by the Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme for Resilient Cities helps simplify the process.

The platform,, helps cities:

  • Compare tools and select the ones that are most appropriate to their conditions;
  • Understand how the vast array of tools and diagnostics are used to assess, measure, monitor, and improve city-level resilience;
  • Access resources and case studies on city resilience; and
  • Share ideas and learn about how other cities are approaching their resilience challenges.


The tools and resources on have been compiled and produced by the over 20 organisations that are part of the Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme on Resilient Cities and the Medellin Collaboration on Urban Resilience.


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