Country Programmes

These are longer-term programmes tailored to a country’s context and needs, delivered through financing a series of key urban initiatives in a coherent, sustained manner to achieve development impact at scale. They typically include activities at three levels: community, local and national.

What is a Country Programme?


A Cities Alliance Country Programme is a longer-term, programmatic approach to addressing the specific urban development needs of a selected country, in the context of rapid urbanisation and the growth of urban poverty. It also promotes the development of inclusive cities.


Country Programmes target national government, local authorities and communities by developing two main components: 

A framework to enhance cooperation among national and local governments, urban poor communities, Cities Alliance members, investors and other partners; and 

Funding to complement Cities Alliance member and partner activities by filling action or knowledge gaps.

Active Country Programmes: Liberia, Tunisia, and Uganda

Previous Country Programmes: Burkina FasoGhanaMozambique and Vietnam


Country Programmes: Initial Results

>There are now active national urban fora in Uganda, Ghana and Vietnam formulating national responses to rapid urbanisation.

>The Country Programmes have mobilised wide membership involvement, including AfD, GIZ, Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI), UN-Habitat, and the World Bank.

>Alternative solutions to forced relocation of large settlements are being sought in Ghana.

>An advocacy campaign has raised the profile of urban issues in Ghana; former President Mahama has openly championed the urban agenda and established the country's first-ever national urban policy.

>Slum dweller federations in Uganda, Ghana, and Burkina Faso are actively engaged in local level dialogue with government and other stakeholders.

>In Uganda major infrastructure projects are underway in 14 secondary cities, all with direct support of the Country Programme. Land for the urban poor has been released by the local governments working with the Cities Alliance in Uganda. Country Programmes have leveraged over $700 million in investments from major development organisations for cities and services.