Global Window

Creating, curating and advocating new thinking on key urban issues

Our Global Window promotes new analytical and collaborative approaches to tackle key policy issues. It comprises our Joint Work Programmes and Regional Programmes, which focus on regional issues, opportunities and partnerships.

This window complements our other main funding mechanism, the Country/City Window, which provides technical assistance at the city and national level across multiple countries. The experiences generated by the Country Window are funnelled into the Global Window, which in turn produces knowledge products, advocacy and dialogues that find practical application in the country operations.


Joint Work Programmes

These are multi-year programmes driven by members and facilitated by the Cities Alliance Secretariat. They are a coordination platform, knowledge hub, and think tank to advocate new thinking on key urban issues. They also analyse and disseminate key lessons from Cities Alliance’s operational activities.

Our active JWPs cover the following themes, which are all interrelated:

Promoting Equitable Economic Growth in Cities

Cities in the Global Agendas

Resilient Cities

Gender and Women’s Empowerment

Cities and Migration


Regional Programmes

These programmes help bridge the normative global window with the country programming. Examples include programmes in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.