Call For Proposals
Improving Waste Management and Promoting Renewable Energy in Monrovia, Liberia

Kindly note the deadline for submissions has been extended to November 10th. 

The Cities Alliance Liberia Country Programme


The Liberia Country Programme is implementing two projects on solid waste management (SWM) funded by the European Union that are helping communities develop lasting capacities to collect primary waste and piloting innovative waste-to-energy approaches.

Now in its second year of implementation, the EU-funded Solid Waste Management project has led to improved coverage and effectiveness of SWM through Community Based Enterprises (CBEs). It has also improved awareness of climate change and climate-resilient SWM in informal settlements. In 2019, Cities Alliance completed three feasibility studies that established a baseline and diagnosis of the SWM sector in Greater Monrovia, including the CBE system, and assessed composting and recycling initiatives. By the end of 2019, 30 CBEs in the primary waste collection system were fully operational with reinforced proficiencies in good practice, human resources, and financial management. Since the start of the activity, the number of communities with waste management coverage by CBEs has increased by almost 150%.


Waste Management Liberia


The Call for Proposals


Solid waste disposal has become an overwhelming task for the municipal authorities in Monrovia, which face severe constraints in tackling the mounting waste situation. The significant amount of uncollected solid waste within the city poses a major public health hazard. Public-private partnerships are vital to sustain a fully functional service provision in the city.

Cities Alliance has launched three innovative funding opportunities, funded by the European Union, that target Liberia’s urban poor settlements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable energy initiatives and solid waste management. The schemes come in three categories: 

  1. Loans at a minimal interest rate to enable community-based enterprises (CBEs) to expand their services.
  2. Grants to community-based enterprises and defined organizations in the waste sector such as small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and local organizations and institutions. 
  3. Direct grants to government institutions and local organizations to pilot small-scale renewable energy projects, such as waste-to-energy through biodigesters, the installation of solar lights, and solar panels.


Kindly note the deadline for submissions has been extended to November 10th. 

1. Grants for Waste Reuse Pilot: Recycling & Organic Waste to Composting


The grant facility will provide financial assistance to existing initiatives working in the solid waste sector in the areas of composting and recycling. This activity is embedded in the project “Delivering Climate-Resilient Solid Waste Management Services in Greater Monrovia, Liberia through Community-Based Enterprises,” which is funded by the European Union.

The beneficiaries can use the funding to improve the existing processes in the sector of recycling and composting that they are already conducting; or they can kick-start new processes and activity in the recycling or composting sector. Cities Alliance intends to award small grants in support of well-developed, costed, practical proposals that demonstrate how solid waste can be incorporated into a new or existing value chain.

Furthermore, the launch of the grant facility for composting and recycling investments introduces a window of opportunity for community-based enterprises (CBEs), private sector institutions and registered local groups of civil society to expand in the waste sector. Specifically, the project seeks to set up initiatives that create a value chain in the solid waste sector by replacing improper disposal of plastic and organic fraction with recycling or composting.

The grant facility has a total value of US$924,000 divided into two schemes: Small Grants for Waste Reuse Pilot: Plastics (non-organic waste): $462,000 (€ 420,000); and Small Grants for Waste Reuse Pilot: Organic Waste to Composting (transformation of organic waste) $462,000 (€420,000).

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Deadline: November 10th 2020


2. Loan Facility for Community-Based Enterprises in the Solid Waste Sector


Cities Alliance is implementing a solid waste project: Delivering Climate Resilient Solid Waste Management Service in Greater Monrovia through Community-based Enterprises. The project seeks to enhance and improve solid waste collection services, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through sorting, composting and recycling.

To effectively achieve its goals, the project is establishing a loan facility that will provide financial support to community based enterprises (CBEs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve solid waste collection and management services through procurement of waste collection equipment and venturing in composting and recycling of organic and plastic waste.

The 35 loans will be distributed to enterprises operating and registered in Greater Monrovia. 

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Deadline: November 10th 2020


3. Grant for Renewable Energy and Waste-to-energy in Greater Monrovia


The grant will allow local implementing partners to access renewable energy technological packages in the form of direct awards to pilot small community-based projects. 

The grant facility will disperse a maximum of six direct awards of value no greater than $50,000, ensuring that all investments promote small-scale renewable energy initiatives at the community level. The renewable energy packages will include a combination of the goods and items in the following areas:

  1. Waste to energy through biodigesters.
  2. Solar-based technologies to improve electricity supply to existing facilities.
  3. Other renewable energy related solution that fit the purpose and scope of the award.

The direct awards will be distributed to government institutions, city corporations in Greater Monrovia, and civil society networks. 

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Kindly note the deadline for submissions has been extended to November 10th. 



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